Cranberries And Acne - September 14th, 2009

Cranberries are one of the many fruits which can help with providing good sources of antioxidants—therefore, helping to improve our immune system and more. And cranberries also provide good sources of fiber, vitamin Cs, and many more. Although I’m not so sure if this is true or not, I have heard once that cranberries can help with preventing or treating acne on our face.

I heard that for acne prevention, you need to consume a lot of vitamin A and maybe cranberries can provide those good vitamin nutrients. Nevertheless, that is something that I just heard. Of course, I’m sure that there are many more great benefits that can come from eating cranberries. As it is with many of other types of fruits, I heard that it will taste the best and probably provide its full nutrients when eaten fresh or raw.

You can also cook with them along with many other tasty nutrients and more! And there is cranberry juice which is one my personal favorite juices and they provide good refreshing taste while providing some good antioxidants. As mentioned, cranberries can be cooked, eaten as it is, or mix it in with other ingredients. With its juicy flavor, cranberries will provide healthy nutrients.